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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about the INVENTA wildlife monitoring platform

Which roles and permissions do Owner, Admin, and Guest have?

Members of collars/animals/groups can have three possible roles: Owner, Admin, and Guest.


Owner Admin Guest
Collar/Animal actions
View data, details
Add to private group (not shareable)
Set Notifications
Add/update/delete deployments
Add to group
Upload data (coming soon)
Forward to Movebank
Send remote commands (coming soon)
Remove Collar/Animal
Member actions (Collar/Animal/Group)
View members (guests can not see other guests)
Add/change/remove permissions for admins and guests
Add/change/remove permissions for owners
Group actions
Admin access to collars/animals in group
Update group
Share group

Remove group

Private Group actions (not shareable)
Guest access to collars/animals in group
Collarkey actions
Upload collarkey (first user)
Upload collarkey (already uploaded by other users)

: Permission of higher role is required

:  Send permission request to all owners and admins of that collar

Do I have to create a new account?

Yes. Credentials for the vectronic-wildlife website (also called SQL databases) or other VECTRONIC Aerospace services are not valid for INVENTA.

I did not receive an e-mail with the activation link to access my account. What can I do?

You can resent the activation link on your own:

  • Go to Inventa start page
  • type in the registered e-mail address and select “forget password”
  • select “resent activation e-mail” and type in the registered e-mail address again

Which browsers are supported?

The supported browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge from version 81.

Will my SQL database be migrated to INVENTA?

Not automatically. There are plans for the migration of large and complex databases from the former online platform. Thanks to the automatic creation of animals and the simplicity of INVENTA, it is possible to recreate the standard setup of a SQL database in a few clicks.

Can I forward data to Movebank?

Precondition: You need a Movebank account.

  • In INVENTA go to Preferences/Movebank
  • Enter the name of your Movebank account and ‘Apply’
  • Go to collars page and enable the column ‘Movebank’ by changing the column filter in the table header
  • Activate forwarding of new data and/or upload all data for the devices you want.
  • (You need at least ADMIN permisson for the device)

  • To add the collar feed to your Movebank study, please follow the instructions from Movebank.

How do I register collars?

Please go to the Collars page and click the + button on the right below the table. In the popup window, select one or multiple KEYX files. For older collars you could only have KEY files – in that case, please contact your Sales representative to get the corresponding KEYX files. If the collar was already added by another user, you have to ask him/her for access permission.

Are there other formats available for download of the data?

At the moment the data are available for download as CSV, either as a single file or as one file per collar. Further formats will be made available in the future.

What timezone is chosen for the LMT column?

The Local Mean Time column in the data tables displays the acquisition time in the timezone detected by the browser, therefore it corresponds to the local time of the currently connected user. All other times are displayed in UTC.

Can I share collars with other INVENTA users?


  • Go to the COLLARS tab
  • Click on the collar you want to share
  • Enter the user email and role and confirm by pressing ‘Share’

Can I receive alert notifications?

Yes, you can add address to a collar to receive alert notifications.

Notifications are generated on:

  • Mortality or low activity
  • Mortality implant
  • Separation mortality or no contact
  • Vaginal implant expelled or no contact
  • Virtual fence crossed
  • Trap triggered
  • Trap status (only Email) 

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