Quickstart Guide and User Manual of INVENTA

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This Quickstart guides you through the basic functionality of Inventa Wildlife Monitoring platform.

The first step is creating a new account with your email address. It’s not possible to log in with credentials for the former SQL databases or FTP data exchange.

Open the page and click on Sign up. Fill up the form with email and a secure password, then click on Sign up button. You will receive an activation link via email, and be prompted to log in.

The first access to the homepage shows no data, as you are required to upload your collar keys first (.keyx files only). This is possible on the Collars page:

The + button on the lower right opens a popup window where you can select one or multiple collar keys at once.

When uploading collar keys, it is possible to automatically generate Animals and assign collars to them (deployments) via the two options in the popup window, unchecked by default. If you wish to do so, the autogenerated animals will get the name “Animal with Collar N” and the deployment will start from the moment the animal is generated.


After the upload, you can access the Map and display the positions of the collars by checking them in the list on the left. You can also apply filters in the menu on the right and customize the overall map appearance.


The Homepage shows the collars’ last receptions (timestamp when the data were saved on our server) and a map with the last 10 positions. You can filter the displayed positions with the options available in the toolbar above the map.

You can download positions as CSV, by opening the Positions page and selecting collars from the left menu. The data can be filtered according to specific values in selected columns, and invalid data can be removed as well.


For support enquiries please contact us via the dedicated email address:

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