Members of collars/animals/groups can have three possible roles: guest, admin, or owner.


Owner Admin Guest
Collar/Animal actions
View data, details
Comments (coming soon)
Add to private group (not shareable)
Set Notifications (coming soon)
Add/update/delete deployments
Add to group
Upload data (coming soon)
Forward to Movebank (coming soon)
Access Collarkey (coming soon)
Send remote commands (coming soon)
Remove Collar/Animal
Member actions (Collar/Animal/Group)
View members (guests can not see other guests)
Add/change/remove permissions for admins and guests
Add/change/remove permissions for owners
Group actions
Comments (coming soon)
Admin access to collars/animals in group
Update group
Share group
Forward to Movebank (coming soon)

Remove group

Private Group actions (not shareable)
Guest access to collars/animals in group
Collarkey actions
Upload collarkey (first user)
Upload collarkey (already uploaded by other users)


: Permission of higher role is required

: Send permission request to all owners and admins of that collar